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Roberts, Nora


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Night Shield  2000 Silhouette    Like New   $4.50
Night Shield  2000 Silhouette    Very Good $3.50
Irish Rose 1988 Silhouette        Good         $7.00
Treasure Lost, Treasure Found Good         $6.00
Irish Thoroughbred 1981 Silhouette  Good $5.00
Night Moves  1985 Silhouette   Very Good $10.00
For Now, Forever  1987 Silhouette Good $7.00
Megan's Mate  1996 Silhouette  Good  $5.00
The Last Honest Woman  1988 Silhouette  Good $4.00
Local Hero  1988 Silhouette  Good  $8.00
A Matter of Choice  1984 Silhouette  Good $7.00  2 in stock
Temptation  1987 Silhouette  Good  $10.00
Dual Image  1985 Silhouette  Good  $7.00
The Right Path  1985 Silhouette  Good  $7.00
This Magic Moment  1987 Silhouette  Good  $5.00
Dance of Dreams  1992 Silhouette  Very Good  $8.00
Playing the Odds  1985 Silhouette  Good  $5.00
For the Love of Lilah  1991 Silhouette  Good  $6.00
Untamed  1983 Silhouette  Good  $6.00
Blithe Images  1982 Silhouette Acceptable  $4.00
The Law is a Lady  1984 Silhouette  Good  $5.00

Due to the size of our inventory, we are not able to load descriptions of the books on the site at this time.  If you would like a description, email us at   We will email you with one.

All books are paperback unless otherwise noted.