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Listed by Authors last name.

Bale, Karen
Cheyenne Surrender 1989 first edition Part of the Sweet Medicine's Prophecy #6    Very Good Condition   $6.00
Winter Wolf's Woman  1990 first edition part of the Sweet Medicine's Prophecy #7  Acceptable Condition , cover and spine creased  $10.00
Berg, Patti
Wishes Come True 1996 first edition Good Condition  $8.00
Bittner, F. Roseanne
Destiny's Dawn  1987 first edition Good Condition, writing on 1st page minor creases in spine and cover.   $8.25
Destiny's Dawn  1987 first edition  Good Condition, creases on cover and spine  $8.25
Tennessee Bride  1988 first edition Good condition, creases on cover and spine  $9.00
Brookes, Beth
On Wings of Passion  1983 edition.  Very Good condition  $5.25
Cadell, Elizabeth
Canary Yellow  1966 Bantam Edition, Good condition, some minor creases on spine  $8.00
Carr, Philippa
The Return of the Gypsy  1986 edition, Good condition with minor creases on spine.  $5.00
Castle, Jayne
After Dark  2000 edition, Very good condition with minor creases on spine  $7.00
Double Dealing  1984  Good condition, crease on front cover and minor creases on spine  $12.00
Chesney, Marion
Deirdre and Desire  1985  The third volume of The Six Sisters.  Very Good condition.  $7.00
Cookson, Catherine
Tilly Wed  1982  Very Good condition.  $5.00
Copeland, Lori
A Winning Combination  1984  Very Good  Residue from previous price sticker on cover and a price stamped on first page.  $4.25
Out of Control  1984  Very Good Condition  $4.25
Coulter, Catherine
Afterglow  1987 Good condition  creases on spine and front cover, writing on first page.  $3.50
Crusie, Jennifer
Getting Rid of Bradley  1994  Like New  $11.25
Man Hunting  1993  Good condition, small tear on spine$5.00
What the Lady Wants  1995  Good Condition creases on cover and spine  $7.50
Dancer, Lacey
Forever Joy  1993  Very Good, minor creases on cover  $4.00
Devine, Thea
Relentless Passion  1989  Very good  writing on first page  $40.00
Relentless Passion  1989  Good Creases on covers  $35.00
Sinful Secrets  1996  Good  Creases on covers and spine  $6.00
Golon, Sergeanne
The Countess Angelique  1971  Good condition minor tear on back cover, writing on inside cover and first page.  $7.00
Hooper, Kay
Golden Flames  1988  Acceptable  Creases on cover and spine.  Scuff marks on cover.  $4.00
Golden Flames  1988 Good minor creasing on spine and minor scuff marks  $5.00
Howard, Linda
Come Lie With Me  1993  Like New $3.95
James, Kristin
Dreams of Evening  1983  Acceptable  some minor tears on cover and first few pages but entirely readable  $1.50
James, Stephanie
Body Guard  1983  Good  Some writing on first page  $7.00
Kimbrough, Katheryn
Polly the Worried  1979  Acceptable  Corner of front and scuffing of cover Tape around spine although it's intact.  Store name stamped on first page.  $7.00

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All books are paperback unless otherwise noted.